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Is Piracy (pirate ship) not working for everyone right now? Get current Piracy (pirate ship) outages, status, timeouts and issue reports today.

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Piracy is an act of robbery or criminal violence by ship or boat-borne attackers upon another ship or a coastal area, typically with the goal of stealing cargo and other valuable goods

Piracy outage report graph

This chart above shows error reports submitted in the past 24 hours (one day) compared to the recent average over similar days. The status of is marked as "down" when the number of reported errors is significantly higher than the average errors.

Piracy website request errors

This graph shows Piracy errors and response times for the website over the past day. Website status and slowness is related to downtime for Piracy and errors for their site.

More about Piracy service

Piracy is an act of robbery or criminal violence by ship or boat-borne attackers upon another ship or a coastal area, typically with the goal of stealing cargo and other valuable goods. Those who conduct acts of piracy are called pirates, while the dedicated ships that pirates use are called pirate ships. The earliest documented instances of piracy were in the 14th century BC, when the Sea Peoples, a group of ocean raiders, attacked the ships of the Aegean and Mediterranean civilizations. Narrow channels which funnel shipping into predictable routes have long created opportunities for piracy, as well as for privateering and commerce raiding. Historic examples include the waters of Gibraltar, the Strait of Malacca, Madagascar, the Gulf of Aden, and the English Channel, whose geographic structures facilitated pirate attacks.

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Social Comments for Piracy
@Chiken_Bone_ on 2022-11-26 00:49:36+00
Ugh for some reason the app that i use to cast movies from my phone to my ps4 isnt loading subtitles (its the only way to watch it on the tv) Piracy used to be easier AND IT SHOWS HOW OUR SOCIETY IS FAILING CURRENTLY

@sweharris on 2022-11-20 02:54:28+00
It's funny looking at some of the conspiracy theories around why the dilbert website is down, based on misunderstandings of how DNS works. My favourite is "I can't get the SOA so it means the NS records have been yanked by godaddy" 🤣

@StevieGor1986 on 2022-11-07 09:10:27+00
@conspiracyslyr @FringeRadioNet @ufob0t That link isnt loading up

@jsayre74 on 2022-08-02 12:05:44+00
@YardsPerPass Now the website is down. What a conspiracy!

@Sci_FactChecker on 2022-06-06 21:53:16+00
@NellyJoanTaylor @LauraMiers Stop making up conspiracy theories. 🤦‍♂️ While the website tracking website is down, they will continue to release numbers during these 2 weeks.

@moz_2021 on 2022-05-30 11:52:55+00
When the day comes that your @virginmedia Broadband needs cancelling / renegotiating but the website is down... Conspiracy? What's going on Virgin eh? What's appertaining #broadband #websitedown #virginmedia

@ssebeny on 2022-03-17 02:21:29+00
@pirateship I just signed up for your service recently, gave you my credit card, and now your website is down, and your twitter account doesn't give any status update on the issue and hasn't even had a post in 4 years. Consider my timbers shivered.

@kourouklides on 2022-02-24 20:45:10+00

@spyingcactus on 2022-02-24 20:21:40+00

@acorruptedhuman on 2022-01-17 15:35:52+00
Telegram App is down in India 😀😀😀 #telegramdown #fightagainstpiracy #standagainstpiracy #Telegram

What should I do if Piracy is unavailable?
If Piracy is UP but you can't load the page, here are some helpful troubleshooting steps:
Try refreshing your browser page or close any accompanying applications and retry opening them.
Check if access to Piracy is blocked
Access to Piracy may be blocked due to an antivirus or firewall configuration either on your own computer or phone or by an employer or network. Check for anti-virus programs or firewalls installed on your machine. Alternatively, try to use the website or app via another network like one on a mobile phone so you can access Piracy.
Clear browser cache and cookies
Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and change the IP address of the computer by disconnecting and reconnecting the internet. Then try to access Piracy again.
DNS Cache
To clear the DNS cache on your computer, look up instructions for your specific operating system online. Then try to access the Piracy site again.
Web Browser Plugins
If you are still having trouble accessing Piracy, you may try to disable web browser plugins (like ad-blockers) which may be interfering with access to Piracy