Is HBL Pakistan (hbl) Down?

Is HBL Pakistan (hbl) not working for everyone right now? Get current HBL Pakistan (hbl) outages, status, timeouts and issue reports today.

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HBL, is a Karachi based multinational bank

HBL Pakistan outage report graph

This chart above shows error reports submitted in the past 24 hours (one day) compared to the recent average over similar days. The status of is marked as "down" when the number of reported errors is significantly higher than the average errors.

HBL Pakistan website request errors

This graph shows HBL Pakistan errors and response times for the website over the past day. Website status and slowness is related to downtime for HBL Pakistan and errors for their site.

More about HBL Pakistan service

HBL, is a Karachi based multinational bank. It is the largest bank by assets in Pakistan.

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Social Comments for HBL Pakistan
@SalmanKafeel on 2022-11-21 19:21:57+00
@HBLPak @hq_sco @StateBank_Pak Is there any problems in HBL ..? My app isnt working due to process time .. and when I call the number 0423-111-111-425 it says your number isnt in reach... Please check.. please 🙏

@1010KeNy on 2022-11-20 06:37:19+00
RT @irahBlu: @StandardBankZA online banking via app is down....

@mercywawa on 2022-11-20 04:52:23+00
RT @carlablahblah: #StandardBank app is down again!!! No warning or communication to clients. Your customer service is atrocious! 🤬

@TheChainGamer on 2022-11-14 16:01:10+00
@BoredElonMusk @RealJonahBlake Just wanted to say that for a team with significant investment, you don't have any twitter presence, also your website is down. Thirdly, don't you know that all the cool crypto game projects have .xyz domains!?! Last question. How much of your funding was in an FTX account?

@FufuSapiens on 2022-11-09 22:10:51+00
🚨 JUST IN: #FTX website is down. 🚨

@akhiljoseph on 2022-11-04 07:31:59+00
Twitter Website Is Down #Twitter #Android #news #smartphones #like4like #likeforlike #follow4follow #techblog #technews #futuretechnology #socialmedia #innovation #apple #iPhone #5G #gadgets #engineering

@TechnobuggTweet on 2022-11-04 07:31:56+00
Twitter Website Is Down #Twitter #Android #news #smartphones #like4like #likeforlike #follow4follow #techblog #technews #futuretechnology #socialmedia #innovation #apple #iPhone #5G #iOS #world #gadgets #engineering

@FaizanKamran1 on 2022-10-26 08:37:09+00
@asad_murani @HBLPak Cost/income now at 60% 😳 Yes now you won’t get messages every other day that the app is down 🤣

@HamaadMalik123 on 2022-10-07 12:19:56+00
@HBLPak App is down for hours without prior notice. Pathetic customer service. Pakistan Banking sector is at its best in looting general public.

@moazzamalitipu on 2022-09-28 16:09:02+00
@HBLPak Your mobile app is down 😡😡

@AmjadHu65190662 on 2022-09-24 15:11:42+00
@HBLPak Mobile App is down since 6 PM

@DeliliaOMalley on 2022-09-22 20:47:57+00
@alfyonawall @raider4123 @ashweb @realDailyWire @MattWalshBlog @TuckerCarlson She was not, zero followers. The website is down because they are receiving death threats from you crazy ass violent people who believe anything.

@TNFreedom21 on 2022-09-21 21:24:26+00
@MattWalshBlog Nothing clarifying beyond our website is down

@GulpofMagpies on 2022-09-21 16:50:49+00
@sugonbofadese69 @Spence31442950 @MattWalshBlog I think the website is down, but here’s a link to a study that showed the regret rate post GAS was about 1% or less.

@BLugosch on 2022-09-21 12:03:55+00
@MattWalshBlog The website is down and there’s an “investigation”, but this is still going on. This MUST STOP! Good work, Matt. Keep it up!!

@thedecemberguy on 2022-09-14 16:40:57+00
@HBLPak @PID_Gov @akdn @ndmapk @PDMABalochistan @dpr_gob HBL mobile app is down?

@NomanZafar96 on 2022-09-10 16:25:21+00
Konnect by HBL app is down since 20 hours. Only one statement given by HBL. App users didn't login their app. Please restore konnect app. @HBLPak @KonnectbyHBL @StateBank_Pak

@FareehaMashhadi on 2022-08-24 06:00:02+00
@HBLPak app is down again?

@lavenderdust_ on 2022-08-19 16:34:40+00
@HBLPak @HBLPak pathetic response from you guys , my app isnt working

@MahatmaaGanji on 2022-08-15 18:59:23+00
@HBLPak your app is down... again

@_anxious_rana on 2022-08-05 19:06:17+00
@HBLPak Yo i think ur stupid app is down again. get ur shit sorted out plz

@am_rizvi110 on 2022-08-03 14:39:12+00
@HBLPak Why the app is down again?

@habidz on 2022-08-03 11:03:52+00
@hijakamran @nighatdad @FariehaAziz @UsamaKhilji When will we start to held all these corporates accountable for data breaches? When we will start asking them for full disclosure whats been leaked/hacked? Every other day @HBLPak app is down,who is going to fine then? @SECPakistan

@MumtazA68816233 on 2022-08-02 13:14:03+00
You can't go branchless if you have @HBLPak . Since yesterday her online banking/app is down, despite of several attempts of login result is zero. Still a no.1 bank in Pakistan? Lol

@abrehman126 on 2022-08-02 11:47:38+00
@HBLPak dear HBL... lakh di.... agay ap samjh jao... From last day your app is down

@yumpum12 on 2022-08-02 10:57:17+00
Its been 4 days the HBL mobile app isnt working properly @HBLPak how can you leave it like that for days ? Do you think there is going to be no accountability?

@kinzaabdi on 2022-08-02 10:14:17+00
you know it's the first of the month when the HBL app is down again

@ZarlashtFaisal on 2022-08-02 09:21:41+00
RT @RabeaMahfooz: @HBLPak app is down from the past 48 years, internet banking is not working and today when the app did open after mins of…

@RabeaMahfooz on 2022-08-02 09:21:23+00
@HBLPak app is down from the past 48 years, internet banking is not working and today when the app did open after mins of loading, my balance was messed up, credit cards dues are gone, refunds are not loaded in account. And the app stopped working again. Sigh! #hblcrashes #hbl

@im_sakhawat_ on 2022-08-01 19:31:51+00
So, a bank that claims to be Pakistan's #1 conventional bank, HBL (mobile banking app) is down since last 48 hours. #hbl #hblbank

@nazea11 on 2022-08-01 17:26:38+00
@HBLPak hi.. The app is down since evening .. Why?

@fahadddd on 2022-08-01 17:04:31+00
@notaryaa @HBLPak i agreed.. i have to make urgent transfer but app is down

@Multan_PTI2020 on 2022-08-01 16:52:09+00
@HBLPak why HBL app is down?? @geonews_urdu @dawn_com @BBCUrdu @arynewsud

@SyedaaAmmara on 2022-08-01 16:23:33+00

@Miangee_596 on 2022-08-01 14:54:17+00
HBL's app is down since morning and they don't give a damn👎👎 @HBLPak

@IbtihajKhurram on 2022-08-01 10:16:33+00
@HBLPak if the app is down? Can't log in.

@gamaholicX on 2022-08-01 08:40:48+00
@HBLPak Assalam-O-Alaikum, My mastercard debit card was charged three time instead of once and I have lost 1500 Rs. You HBL app is down and it's not working. Please help.

@RugRisk on 2022-07-25 13:18:12+00
@BlueTerraNFT FYI...your website is down. Really on top of it @HannahBlueTerra.

@Symo001 on 2022-07-10 07:22:31+00
RT @PhBlackbone: @Nedbank your app is down again...

@Mercie001 on 2022-07-10 07:17:45+00
RT @PhBlackbone: @Nedbank your app is down again...

@fareh512 on 2022-06-30 14:02:23+00
@HBLPak - your app is down since morning! What pathetic service - shambolic! #hbl #hblapp #SBP @StateBank_Pak

@jehanzeb_zafar on 2022-06-30 08:46:59+00
@HBLPak App down but no intimation on ur social media. Had to call and even call center guys had to check and then confirm the app is down. Why can't you develop a sinple system of intimating on social media when app is down? That way clients would know it's not specific to them

@paepal_sucks on 2022-06-09 00:13:09+00
@DailyWireEnt @MattWalshBlog @realDailyWire The website is down again. I just have bad timing. It’s been down every time I’ve tried watching. Are you able to email a separate link to it?

@lmg10ny on 2022-06-03 01:47:21+00
@realDailyWire @MattWalshBlog Website is down!

@ERiveraSr on 2022-06-03 00:02:48+00
@realDailyWire @MattWalshBlog You're website is down. Please address that.

@renexgirard on 2022-06-02 23:46:07+00
@realDailyWire @MattWalshBlog Your website is down. Can't sign up. Can't login. Please look into it if you're not already!

@grainperception on 2022-06-02 01:12:59+00
@MattWalshBlog The website is DOWN. Walsh and team, HELP!

@KyleTabor14 on 2022-06-02 01:05:00+00
@MattWalshBlog the website is down sir

@smartuko on 2022-06-02 01:04:55+00
@MattWalshBlog Website is down.

@smartuko on 2022-06-02 00:53:21+00
@realDailyWire @MattWalshBlog Website is down. I have been a member for years and can't get it pulled up right now.

@Red_Fox803 on 2022-06-02 00:35:41+00
@realDailyWire @MattWalshBlog The website is down

@Carolew66 on 2022-06-02 00:29:24+00
@realDailyWire @MattWalshBlog The website is down😞

@_bra1nd3adwh0re on 2022-06-01 14:07:59+00

@jdt_pdx on 2022-05-20 17:42:33+00
@CHBlockParty Tickets website is down..

@tdinh_me on 2022-05-10 01:07:16+00
Now the whole website is down

@1010KeNy on 2022-05-02 11:45:46+00
RT @irahBlu: @StandardBankZA online banking via app is down....

@duncan_quintina on 2022-04-23 11:55:58+00
The COMELEC voter finder website is down today, the day of its launch due to server issues. The agency apparentl…

@4altruistWORLD on 2022-03-26 16:23:46+00
@Thblckrbbtworld glad to see the gas giant website is down today.. tank you all who's trying to make our world a better place by doing peace act not war crimes #BoycottRussia

@GetUpside on 2022-03-16 23:59:31+00
@mitchbluke We're sorry for the trouble here! App is down at the moment - we're working on a fix, please stay tuned for updates!

@bookwhore4 on 2022-03-16 09:22:31+00
RT @jasnahblessed: can yall pls stop tweeting that #that website is down it literally happens 2-3 times every month😭

@sweatherqeather on 2022-03-16 09:04:24+00
RT @jasnahblessed: can yall pls stop tweeting that #that website is down it literally happens 2-3 times every month😭

@Its_Mallick on 2022-03-07 11:14:28+00
@HBLPak @ArifHabibLtd @StateBank_Pak Why HBL Konnect App is down today ?

@hirarsenal on 2022-03-03 13:36:15+00
@Aethena666 their app is down at the start and end of like every month:// and i think there were some security issues too a while back. I do like hbl but the app thing pisses me off a lot

@FareehaMashhadi on 2022-03-03 07:54:53+00
@HBLPak your app is down again. Fix it!

@hobiswhale on 2022-02-28 18:12:44+00

@waleedahmed2008 on 2022-01-29 13:06:49+00
@HBLPak confirm your HBL app is down ? Unable to login

@DeepikaGulati26 on 2022-01-25 06:32:10+00
@CeodelhiOffice I think website is down.

What should I do if HBL Pakistan is unavailable?
If HBL Pakistan is UP but you can't load the page, here are some helpful troubleshooting steps:
Try refreshing your browser page or close any accompanying applications and retry opening them.
Check if access to HBL Pakistan is blocked
Access to HBL Pakistan may be blocked due to an antivirus or firewall configuration either on your own computer or phone or by an employer or network. Check for anti-virus programs or firewalls installed on your machine. Alternatively, try to use the website or app via another network like one on a mobile phone so you can access HBL Pakistan.
Clear browser cache and cookies
Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and change the IP address of the computer by disconnecting and reconnecting the internet. Then try to access HBL Pakistan again.
DNS Cache
To clear the DNS cache on your computer, look up instructions for your specific operating system online. Then try to access the HBL Pakistan site again.
Web Browser Plugins
If you are still having trouble accessing HBL Pakistan, you may try to disable web browser plugins (like ad-blockers) which may be interfering with access to HBL Pakistan