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IKEA is a company which was founded in Sweden and Dutch-headquartered multinational conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other goods and home services

IKEA outage report graph

This chart above shows error reports submitted in the past 24 hours (one day) compared to the recent average over similar days. The status of is marked as "down" when the number of reported errors is significantly higher than the average errors.

IKEA website request errors

This graph shows IKEA errors and response times for the website over the past day. Website status and slowness is related to downtime for IKEA and errors for their site.

More about IKEA service

IKEA is a company which was founded in Sweden and Dutch-headquartered multinational conglomerate that designs and sells ready-to-assemble furniture, kitchen appliances and home accessories, among other goods and home services. Started in Sweden in 1943 by 17-year-old Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA has been the world's largest furniture retailer since 2008. The brand used by the group is an acronym that consists of the founder's initials, and those of Elmtaryd, the family farm where he was born, and the nearby village Agunnaryd. The group is known for its modernist designs for various types of appliances and furniture, and its interior design work is often associated with an eco-friendly simplicity. In addition, the firm is known for its attention to cost control, operational details, and continuous product development that has allowed IKEA to lower its prices by an average of two to three percent.

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@okayimreloadedd on 2022-11-25 22:14:21+00
the nike app is down 😐i js wanna buy a hoodie 💔#BlackFriday #nikeappdown

@MANGLEE___ on 2022-11-13 15:40:50+00
@MikeAftonirl @LDShadowUpdatez GRR IT ISNT LOADING

@VickieJ77182480 on 2022-11-12 21:12:25+00
@benedict_tigers @brittanikeaton The app is down

@MeeraJilka on 2022-11-09 13:40:11+00
@IKEAUK 2 faulty products arrived in my delivery, your website isnt working properly and i am waiting for an email to confirm next steps, please help... Been on hold for 40 min#poorcustomerservice

@Flight_Refunds on 2022-11-08 14:47:09+00
RT @BeLikeAudrey: @easyJet cancelling my flight, changing it not only different day but completely different airport!! and then the websit…

@BeckMidnights on 2022-10-19 00:28:57+00
@cowboylikealo I JUST TWEETED THIS!! It seems like the app is down today bc two videos won’t post 😭 and I was wondering why my friends page was so dead today

@MoskwiakEwa on 2022-10-06 15:24:16+00
@IKEAUKSupport, I'm trying to report a missing delivery item for the second day. I'm an hour on the phone (hate Abba!), unable to lock into my account as your website is down. Please provide email address to contact you

@bayon2013 on 2022-09-30 11:47:13+00
RT @OneLikeApp: Snapchat users say they are unable to send snaps as it might be down, and many are worried they might lose their streaks. S…

@ioanaionescu on 2022-09-02 14:52:12+00
Out of curiosity @IKEAUK what does your support team do? Every time I call to ask something they either have no idea or just read out what's on the website. So when the search on your website is down, they literally serve no purpose. By the way, your search is down.

@AZDINEBELLAKHD1 on 2022-08-11 18:21:38+00
@likeabrushnft @DurixJulien I can’t to be part in your discord because the discord’s link in your website is down someone can help me

@filmbywoo on 2022-04-20 03:53:29+00
ikea website is down 😵‍💫😵‍💫

@eatlikeagirl on 2022-03-28 15:49:03+00
Hello - have seen some emails so just want to say I am aware that eatlikeagirl the website is down and it is temporary, I just haven’t had a moment to sort it (I do everything, it’s not effective, but it’s all I have right now).

@MitSoja on 2022-03-03 12:14:07+00
BACKUP FOR STATEMENT (Ikea's website is down):

@tanniecuIt on 2022-02-19 14:25:40+00
@likeastickahh photo isnt loading but maybe thats a good thing 🙏🏾

@paulruddfan9 on 2022-02-11 19:16:17+00
ikea app is down

What should I do if IKEA is unavailable?
If IKEA is UP but you can't load the page, here are some helpful troubleshooting steps:
Try refreshing your browser page or close any accompanying applications and retry opening them.
Check if access to IKEA is blocked
Access to IKEA may be blocked due to an antivirus or firewall configuration either on your own computer or phone or by an employer or network. Check for anti-virus programs or firewalls installed on your machine. Alternatively, try to use the website or app via another network like one on a mobile phone so you can access IKEA.
Clear browser cache and cookies
Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and change the IP address of the computer by disconnecting and reconnecting the internet. Then try to access IKEA again.
DNS Cache
To clear the DNS cache on your computer, look up instructions for your specific operating system online. Then try to access the IKEA site again.
Web Browser Plugins
If you are still having trouble accessing IKEA, you may try to disable web browser plugins (like ad-blockers) which may be interfering with access to IKEA