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PLDT, Inc., formerly known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, is a Philippine telecommunications, internet and digital service holdings company

PLDT outage report graph

This chart above shows error reports submitted in the past 24 hours (one day) compared to the recent average over similar days. The status of is marked as "down" when the number of reported errors is significantly higher than the average errors.

PLDT website request errors

This graph shows PLDT errors and response times for the website over the past day. Website status and slowness is related to downtime for PLDT and errors for their site.

More about PLDT service

PLDT, Inc., formerly known as the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, is a Philippine telecommunications, internet and digital service holdings company. It is one of the country's major telecommunications providers, along with Globe Telecom and startup Dito Telecommunity that was meant to be the "third telco" to challenge its and Globe's "duopoly". Founded in 1928, it is the oldest and largest telecommunications company in the Philippines, in terms of assets and revenues. The company's core businesses are fixed-line telecommunications, mobile telephony services, broadband, and internet of things services under various brands. It also has investments in broadcasting, print media, utilities, and direct-to-home satellite services, among others.

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Social Comments for PLDT
@dragonfly558 on 2022-11-28 07:55:38+00
@PLDTHome @PLDT_Cares sites we use for work are not working. It has caused tremendous delay in our work. Using Converge/Globe, the sites are working properly except for pldt so do not tell us that the website is down.

@jeckified99 on 2022-10-09 11:52:38+00
PLDT's website is down for weeks. Di ko alam tuloy magkano babayaran ko sa bill. Baka mamaya idisconnect na lang service namin bigla. #pldt

@angelo2patrick on 2022-10-08 09:32:58+00
@PLDT_Cares All this effin' trouble just because your website is down. Bring back paper billing!

@graciaplenaxx on 2022-10-07 17:20:24+00
Our internet bill due date is today and I can't pay it. Even your website is down. @PLDT_Cares

@chemisidro on 2022-10-05 05:46:03+00
@PLDT_Cares @iamMVP Would like to ask if my payment for September was credited since the website is down. There’s a text message reminding me to pay on due, but I paid last September 30. Thank you

@goodboyhugot88 on 2022-09-28 12:07:25+00
@PLDTHome Hi how can i download my statement if your website is down for 2 days last time i checked.

@RaizaQueen on 2022-09-28 07:02:00+00
@PLDT_Cares Your network is down, your website is down, I called your customer service pero wala din. Ano plano?

@yramerialc88 on 2022-09-12 06:16:07+00
@PLDT_Cares Hi. I want to apply for your plan 1699 for 100mbps but your website isnt working. Can someone help me for my application? Thank you.

@lancaster55 on 2022-08-31 06:14:41+00
@PLDT_Cares How to make payment? Your website is down and your store is offline. 😑

@shinsukees on 2022-07-18 13:01:47+00
wifi so fucking slow even the speed test isnt loading thanks pldt

@rhardingIV on 2022-06-11 11:48:28+00
PLDT's own damn website is down lmaooo

@jjb39873999 on 2022-06-07 16:19:05+00
@PLDT_Cares mypldthome website is down. Please check. Thanks

@chierricart on 2022-03-03 08:54:27+00

@rererereign on 2022-03-03 06:37:00+00
We'll miss our internet bills due date atp. Ang bagal na nga ng pldt, pati gcash bulok din. The app is down. Again.

@jerardanico on 2022-02-09 09:38:21+00
Hello @LiveSmart @PLDT_Cares I’m guessing the gigalife app is down or something working. I’m unable to cash-in and subscribe to your promos for about 3 days already.

@nhatzz4u on 2022-02-09 09:09:32+00
@PLDT_Cares @pldt Internet is down. Gigalife app is down. Why?

@i5umaki on 2022-02-04 12:29:06+00
chasm sneak peek but my stream isnt loading i hate pldt

@divegirl721 on 2022-01-30 04:48:18+00
@LiveSmart Giga app is down? How can I activate a package for PLDT prepaid wifi other than through giga app. Thanks

What should I do if PLDT is unavailable?
If PLDT is UP but you can't load the page, here are some helpful troubleshooting steps:
Try refreshing your browser page or close any accompanying applications and retry opening them.
Check if access to PLDT is blocked
Access to PLDT may be blocked due to an antivirus or firewall configuration either on your own computer or phone or by an employer or network. Check for anti-virus programs or firewalls installed on your machine. Alternatively, try to use the website or app via another network like one on a mobile phone so you can access PLDT.
Clear browser cache and cookies
Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and change the IP address of the computer by disconnecting and reconnecting the internet. Then try to access PLDT again.
DNS Cache
To clear the DNS cache on your computer, look up instructions for your specific operating system online. Then try to access the PLDT site again.
Web Browser Plugins
If you are still having trouble accessing PLDT, you may try to disable web browser plugins (like ad-blockers) which may be interfering with access to PLDT