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Sitecom Europe Bv., is a Dutch manufacturer of consumer electronics

Sitecom outage report graph

This chart above shows error reports submitted in the past 24 hours (one day) compared to the recent average over similar days. The status of is marked as "down" when the number of reported errors is significantly higher than the average errors.

Sitecom website request errors

This graph shows Sitecom errors and response times for the website over the past day. Website status and slowness is related to downtime for Sitecom and errors for their site.

More about Sitecom service

Sitecom Europe Bv., is a Dutch manufacturer of consumer electronics. It specializes in connectivity devices. Headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands, it sells various consumer and commercial product lines, including routers, mobile computing accessories, network switches, hubs, cables and enclosures, and other peripherals.

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@futurenbagov on 2022-12-06 05:01:32+00
RT @animatedGeoff: The Saints website is down because they can’t get three Ws in a row

@nameruses on 2022-12-06 04:37:19+00
RT @animatedGeoff: The Saints website is down because they can’t get three Ws in a row

@seeking_shambho on 2022-12-06 04:37:04+00
@ICICI_Direct Both your website and app is down !!

@dodgeramranch on 2022-12-06 04:31:33+00
@DanielNoree your website is down

@seeking_shambho on 2022-12-06 04:31:31+00
@ICICI_Direct both the website and mobile app is down. Please address urgently

@krunaldoshi84 on 2022-12-06 04:31:30+00
@JainNirmal should fire his IT head, the IIFL mobile app is always down and buggy. Today even their website is down. No wonder they are loosing market share to zerodha and other players.

@Jeromethethird on 2022-12-06 04:28:17+00
RT @animatedGeoff: The Saints website is down because they can’t get three Ws in a row

@Fkaflipflops on 2022-12-06 04:26:11+00
RT @animatedGeoff: The Saints website is down because they can’t get three Ws in a row

@Otis_271 on 2022-12-06 04:25:29+00
RT @animatedGeoff: The Saints website is down because they can’t get three Ws in a row

@animatedGeoff on 2022-12-06 04:24:41+00
The Saints website is down because they can’t get three Ws in a row

@toddbeltz on 2022-12-06 03:48:51+00
@DenconMedia Looks like the whole website is down! Brilliant!

@sharmapras06 on 2022-12-06 03:22:29+00
@nps_trust Your website & mobile app is down since days and noone is there to rectify it. Can you get this fixed urgently?

@z52782 on 2022-12-06 03:16:08+00
@ThdH74436812 @giffgaff Hi there, sorry but @giffgaff website is down for maintenance. Please try again later to top up.

@TacoZoo303 on 2022-12-06 03:05:56+00

@ergogenics on 2022-12-06 02:53:34+00
Our website is down for maintenance. Should be back up tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@ThriversMove on 2022-12-06 02:46:14+00
@Fundly Your website is down all day. Donors cannot submit their donations. Please respond to emails. I do not recommend You at all for fundraising campaign

@crysxtxl on 2022-12-06 02:11:44+00

@ontie_ODM on 2022-12-06 01:53:59+00
Is it me or what? @theCIPC website is down today. Been trying to file my returns this morning but the website doesn't allow me to log in. What's popping?

@trashmanrising on 2022-12-06 01:49:24+00
@Capt_Ashtar This is it but the website is down right now.

@mariiaatweets on 2022-12-06 01:49:20+00
Rauws website is down again😭 but I was able to sign up with both my emails 🤪 so if y’all are going to the LA show I got y’all with the info 😊

@AndyDugas on 2022-12-06 01:37:30+00
RT @RedPhoenix1337: @blur_io Cant connect wallet, your website is down, how do you want everyone to use it when its this lame?

@BuggzyBx on 2022-12-06 01:10:35+00
@RocknRaz website is down

@mariiaatweets on 2022-12-06 00:58:38+00
Rauws website is down but I already signed up before he announced it 🤭

@calebhopesfor on 2022-12-06 00:53:28+00
rauw's website is down naurr..

@rorypresley on 2022-12-06 00:49:06+00
RT @ErrataRob: @andylevy " website is down, I fear we might soon resort to cannibalism"

@ErrataRob on 2022-12-06 00:48:46+00
@andylevy " website is down, I fear we might soon resort to cannibalism"

@RedPhoenix1337 on 2022-12-06 00:20:21+00
@blur_io Cant connect wallet, your website is down, how do you want everyone to use it when its this lame?

@thegentlepirate on 2022-12-06 00:19:06+00
Our website is down; we are moving our hosting, and it may take some time for our website to get back online. Will update you all once it is fixed. Thank you!

@TracyChang101 on 2022-12-06 00:12:35+00
im so annoyed, train delayed, work website is down and so as wangzhe lmao my life is nothing rn

@abzabera on 2022-12-06 00:00:47+00
@flynascare gone do I check in if your website and app is down?

@WildPromotion on 2022-12-05 23:39:32+00
@mangomarkets your website is DOWN, check it out and solve asap please!

@abzabera on 2022-12-05 23:17:00+00
@flynas how do I check in if your website and app is down??

@J0Z3MARAJ on 2022-12-05 23:04:48+00
@fantazticcc It says the website is down for me

@RealGorsco on 2022-12-05 22:51:41+00
@mitsyarty Her website is down...oops!

@serber_david on 2022-12-05 22:42:10+00
@StatCan_eng FYI Your website is down:

@SoccerInno on 2022-12-05 22:32:24+00
Website is down! We will be back up hopefully very soon! Call us if you need anything in the meantime! 877-757-9255 @ Soccer Innovations

@offwhitetags on 2022-12-05 22:17:02+00
@emilyanner2012 @Xfinity Website is down and so is my internet 👍🏼

@robirdnerd on 2022-12-05 22:15:35+00

@DJRenee225 on 2022-12-05 21:55:35+00
So, #Entergy overcharged folks and sent people's budgets into a talespin. Didn't rectify the situation. And on the day they are set to cut power to 1000s, the website is down? I'm calling bull 💩 #EntergyLouisiana #NewOrleans #TRUMP2024

@AlexHilke on 2022-12-05 21:54:19+00
Is there a reason the CA Assembly website is down?

@ryeongbff on 2022-12-05 21:43:38+00
its finals week and the ebook website is down…..

@thi3sling on 2022-12-05 21:39:35+00
@madscientitz Either the website is down or they don't want me to post the whole first Germen volume of "das Kapital".

@NWIDA_ORG on 2022-12-05 21:26:55+00
@msmith_evv @wave7jeff Certainly looking like it. Website is down and appears confirmation is all over LinkedIn. Trying to get the story now.

@QubeleyMkII on 2022-12-05 21:05:33+00
no goddamn way the university library website is down. i'm going to bite my arm in half

@rozu_roses on 2022-12-05 20:57:40+00
my textbooks website is down 2 days before my exam oh I could cry

@TallyA22 on 2022-12-05 20:57:10+00
So the @ultabeauty website is down? 🤔

@hookedbooksnz on 2022-12-05 20:54:07+00
🌟Kia ora @hookedbooksnz whānau, Due to a major cyber-attack on its host, our review website is down. Experts are working to restore it (and other affected websites) as soon as they can, but it might take some days. We will keep you in the loop here. Our apologies! 😥

@adoredior777 on 2022-12-05 20:46:52+00
the ulta website is down i wanted to treat myself </3

@Mrlobo18 on 2022-12-05 20:46:14+00
RT @carrie87carter: My website is down (hooray!) 👀 Please be assured that I haven't skipped off into the sunset with your deposits, it's ju…

@AnnGriffin11 on 2022-12-05 20:39:47+00
@the_LTA I am trying to pay for my autistic son's LTA Instructor Readiness Course but your website is down and I cannot complete the application. Please tell me what I can do to enable him to have fair access to his L2? This after being let down by LTA Coach. Thank you.

@DragonsofWales on 2022-12-05 20:36:12+00
@TheFinalBoss16 My website is down whilst I rebuild it, but no idea why you couldn’t see me on Twitter.

@fuckinternet on 2022-12-05 20:31:14+00
their website is down is project rug?

@coasdstweets on 2022-12-05 20:30:40+00
Hey @AskSynchrony why do you keep calling me when your website is down and I can’t make my payment?

@LLBC_Libraries on 2022-12-05 20:25:10+00
Please be advised that our website ( is down.

@AgTexasFCS on 2022-12-05 20:17:14+00
We are aware that our website is down. The entire host platform for our site & many others is experiencing “unprecedented” widespread downtime. We are working on resolution with our vendor. We will keep you posted as we receive updates. Thank you for your patience!

@carrie87carter on 2022-12-05 20:16:58+00
My website is down (hooray!) 👀 Please be assured that I haven't skipped off into the sunset with your deposits, it's just my web hosting company are having a bad day. Back soon I am sure... and I am still very much alive and operating 😘⭐

@OldManJade on 2022-12-05 19:58:57+00
@netatmo What's going on? My weather station and security are down. The devices falsely blame my internet connection. Meanwhile, the Netatmo website is down. What happened? Has Netatmo been hacked?

@safemoonmamba on 2022-12-05 19:54:20+00
@bovasgroup @bovasgroup is it true that you're recruiting for trainee engineers. I wanted yo confirm and also apply but your website is down since morning

@nickbauertx on 2022-12-05 19:53:40+00
@OpticsPlanet your website is down...again...all the damn time. You'd get so much more business if it worked don't you know?

@micahpaldino on 2022-12-05 19:53:19+00
In more fun news to add to the @Rackspace email catastrophe, the @usbank website is down. Confirmed by a representative today via phone.

@MapYour_City_CH on 2022-12-05 19:40:38+00
🚨 Status Update: MYC Website - is Down and returning: Connection Timeout

@MaxSparky on 2022-12-05 19:33:14+00
@mycheesemonster Lmao thier website is down right now xD

@sunflowermochii on 2022-12-05 19:10:59+00
@hira_0_ The website isnt working :(

@rebeccapursell on 2022-12-05 18:27:56+00
@bluehostsupport I'm having issues contacting someone. My website is down and I cannot access it at all.

@Artiharty on 2022-12-05 18:12:24+00
@SthStaffsWater So after being informed my bank details have been hacked you have offered 12 months subscription to trueidentityprotect that is a us site that doesn't accept UK postcodes. Thanks a lot-and your website is down. Get this sorted!

@brookenmcdaniel on 2022-12-05 17:41:51+00

@CocoaSupply on 2022-12-05 17:41:09+00
Our US website is down since yesterday because @bigcommerce is having some issues 😭😭😭 If you need to order from us please call us (201)2449210, WhatsApp us (646) 881-4872, or email us We are taking orders and shipping them ASAP🙏

@Amelia87519558 on 2022-12-05 17:37:28+00
@OnlyFans your website is down. 😩

@lobbyspider on 2022-12-05 17:23:56+00
Unfortch I forgot about ceramics class registration opening today so I tried to log on 1 hr late & the website is down bc too many people tried to register at once. why must my little hobby that makes me happy be so cutthroat. please. I have so few things in my life that are good

@HanniWi2 on 2022-12-05 17:08:42+00
@SpiritAirlines the website is down and now part of our journey couldn’t be booked leaving us stranded in Florida instead of Costa Rica, no support. It’s a tragedy!

@Bongani_H on 2022-12-05 17:03:42+00
@Vitality_SA where can I book flights and accommodation now that the Kulula website is down. Are discounts only applicable to Discovery Bank customers now?

@Lorenzo_Hattori on 2022-12-05 16:51:45+00
My website is down and I can’t get in contact with my website developer

@reinforz on 2022-12-05 16:33:39+00
Automating getting notified in Discord about a platform's status is very helpful, as it notifies developers when their website is down. So we compiled all the steps needed into a blog. We hope you find it helpful. You can check the article here:

@KrisByers17 on 2022-12-05 16:23:46+00
@nxcare your website is down mate, I cant book any tickets

@ettenajzitro on 2022-12-05 16:22:28+00
The app is down, tells me to use the website The website is down, tells me to call customer service. Wait time for customer service is "greater than 60 minutes. But banking is easy on our app." You sure?!

@anilesh196 on 2022-12-05 16:08:01+00
@AirAsiaIndia @DeviRudrani Your website is down since many days! How many days you require to up a website?

@tcinternets on 2022-12-05 16:05:26+00
Even though he's cut his hair and is much more "polished", whatever that means, every time I see Mike McDaniel I still hear Laszlo's voice from The Website is Down

@marstriakis on 2022-12-05 16:05:05+00
website is down 😈😈😈 good job gays!!!

@hyperclouts on 2022-12-05 15:20:50+00
@FifthThird are you guys down? Your app is down your site isnt working and your phones dont work? Whats the deal?

@_Walter_Kovacs on 2022-12-05 15:14:23+00
@MTGSecretLair So when can we order these? The website is down currently…

@the_zaaa on 2022-12-05 15:05:47+00
fucking JP Morgan and 5/3 kept my damn check hostage since BEFORE THANKSGIVING. and now today is the day for them to release my money and THE WEBSITE IS DOWN. i cant even log in. im literally about to lose my shit.

@benjamin0473 on 2022-12-05 14:40:12+00
@BPCLimited Your website is down for LPG. Unable to login.

@ironicblesbok on 2022-12-05 14:36:36+00
@bookingcom Your app and website is down. Is there an ETA when it will be fixed?

@xrp_mark on 2022-12-05 14:29:44+00
@CoinMENA I think the trading on your website is down, even the ios app is down

@lovegur95167403 on 2022-12-05 14:10:30+00

@BokangMolema on 2022-12-05 13:18:18+00
@bookingcom your website is down.

@imchatak on 2022-12-05 13:14:42+00
@ICICIBank_Care My contact details will not help. The website is down, request get it up and running. I hope it is not the subject of a ransomware or DoD attack.

@adbopa on 2022-12-05 12:41:49+00
@custompcireland Hi. Your website is down today. Any idea when it will be back up?

@_shy_hero_ on 2022-12-05 12:30:39+00
@_sunset05 @amazake0193 Website is down at the moment, waiting for their service to finish

@Akhona_Qukwana on 2022-12-05 12:18:46+00
@Betway_za website is down. 🤦🏿‍♂️

@code2d2 on 2022-12-05 12:16:07+00
@AskPayPal are your guys’ server getting hacked? I got a notification from your normal automated text messaging that someone requested for a verification code. Logged in trying to change password and your website is down…

@TS_Vanessa_ch on 2022-12-05 11:54:36+00
@lockedinlust what's the matter that your website is down?

@LettersSounds on 2022-12-05 11:31:10+00
@jenben1984 Hi Jennifer. All seems to be well our end and we've had no other reports that the website is down. What a pain, hope you manage to get it sorted quickly!

@firojkamar on 2022-12-05 11:22:11+00
@Quora website is down.

@bendougcraig on 2022-12-05 10:50:52+00
Morning @parcelforce any reason as to why the tracking website is down or any idea when it will be back up and running? You’ve already failed to deliver, sent it to the wrong depot and now I have no way of knowing what you’ve done with it now.

@Par7Diksha on 2022-12-05 10:44:00+00

@LukeWiggins20 on 2022-12-05 10:33:20+00
@GameofTrades_ @seth_fin @TATrader_Alan @StockmoneyL @MikybullCrypto @CryptoNoob_1 @CryptoYoddha @thescalpingpro @NikkiSc63939133 @THE_BANKRUN @Bobby_5326 @FrankLambeek Your website is down!

@mokhalaka87 on 2022-12-05 10:23:12+00
@IDCSouthAfrica Your website is down

@WeeHen82 on 2022-12-05 10:08:30+00
@ATGTICKETS @edinplayhouse The website isnt working it won't load at day for me 😔

@ksridhar02 on 2022-12-05 09:52:51+00
@ICICIBank_Care what the heck is this, your personal banking website is down, let me know if I am doing something wrong here

What should I do if Sitecom is unavailable?
If Sitecom is UP but you can't load the page, here are some helpful troubleshooting steps:
Try refreshing your browser page or close any accompanying applications and retry opening them.
Check if access to Sitecom is blocked
Access to Sitecom may be blocked due to an antivirus or firewall configuration either on your own computer or phone or by an employer or network. Check for anti-virus programs or firewalls installed on your machine. Alternatively, try to use the website or app via another network like one on a mobile phone so you can access Sitecom.
Clear browser cache and cookies
Try clearing your browser cache and cookies and change the IP address of the computer by disconnecting and reconnecting the internet. Then try to access Sitecom again.
DNS Cache
To clear the DNS cache on your computer, look up instructions for your specific operating system online. Then try to access the Sitecom site again.
Web Browser Plugins
If you are still having trouble accessing Sitecom, you may try to disable web browser plugins (like ad-blockers) which may be interfering with access to Sitecom